3 Ways To Make Your Gym Marketing Stand Out

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3 Ways To Make Your Gym Marketing Stand Out

The CrossFit® industry is worth a reported two billion AUD each year and in the last five years competition has really heated up amongst gym owners and trainers to grab a chunk of that revenue. With so many boxes in each city competing for new members how can you make your CrossFit® marketing stand out from the crowd? At Wodsites Australia we have lots of experience working with CrossFit® athletes and affiliates so read our quick tips and make your box stand out from the rest.

1. Offer Something Extra

Offering something extra to your members is a sure way to be remembered, recommended and favoured. Let’s be clear though… it doesn’t have to eat into your profits! Giving something extra applies to everything you do from your website, your offline marketing right through to how you handle your members. Human psychology is such that we love to feel that we got something extra… a bargain perhaps, so make sure that your members and potential members feel this way to…


  •     Offer weekly newsletters to your existing members
  •     Organise weekly social events on or offsite
  •     Offer “members only” discounts to your onsite coffee shop
  •     Award a small prize to a member each week for their progress
  •     Run onsite contests amongst your members
  •     Team up with local stores and restaurants to get discounts for your members

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2. Be Professional

There are a lot of CrossFit® affiliates out there but there are also a lot of cowboys. Anyone with a bit of cash can start a box but to make it successful over time it takes much more than that. Stand out from the crowd by being ultra professional in everything you do and your reputation both on and offline will go ahead of you.


  • Make sure your marketing designs and images are of a high quality
  • Ensure your written content is friendly but professional
  • Stick to the promises you made to your new members,don’t forget them
  • Don’t neglect to return calls, emails, comments and social media enquiries
  • Establish yourself as a respected fitness professional online
  • Keep to training schedules, meetings, events and communicate with members
  • Be gracious to your competitors and never bad mouth them online or to members
  • Ensure that your promotional materials are correct and updated.

3. Establish Brand Identity

Yes you’re a CrossFit® affiliate and there are thousands of CrossFit® affiliates but what makes you different? Knowing and understanding the identity of your brand will not only make it easier for you to be consistent in your marketing but also to be memorable to new members. Stop trying to copy what everyone else is doing and take the time to build your own style, identity and ethos.


  • Maintain consistency online and offline with your logo, branding and colours
  • Know the voice of your brand and use it wherever you write content
  • Emphasise the key member benefits of your CrossFit® box
  • Know your target audience and market to them directly
  • Network online and offline to ensure that your box is known in the area
  • Make sure you appear at the right sporting events to showcase your brand
  • Provide free branded t-shirts to your box members and let them advertise you

Want to speak with Kody about your website? Schedule a time directly into his calendar for a no obligation website review. SCHEDULE MY CALL

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