5 Deadly Gym Marketing Mistakes

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5 Deadly Gym Marketing Mistakes

Disclaimer: WodSites is not in any way affiliated with the CrossFit brand.

We have taken a look at some great marketing techniques for CrossFit® affiliates but what about the marketing mistakes? Did you know that most CrossFit® boxes are committing these mistakes every single day and they don’t even realise? In many cases they actually think they are helping their box when in fact they are dooming it to failure! Don’t be like them… in this article we are going to look at 5 Deadly CrossFit® Marketing Mistakes that you can avoid!

Mistake #1: Focusing on Price

Entering into a price war with your competitors could be a huge mistake that you will only learn when it’s too late. Unlimited special offers, discounts, cut price memberships and giveaways can really eat into your profits leading to recurring yearly losses. Another thing to consider is the psychological impacts on potential clients about offering super low prices. We are always taught that if it looks too good to be true it probably is… so by offering very low prices while your competitors are not you may be inadvertently devaluing your brand.

✓    Sell the features and benefits of your box not just the price

✓    Add time limits to your offers and make sure they actually expire

✓    Target your key demographic who will not be fixated on price

✓    Carefully calculate your costs before constructing an offer

✓    Don’t target users who would have purchased a full price membership anyway

Mistake #2: Poor Advertising

Poor advertising covers a whole spectrum of issues but the base line is that you are spending money on something that isn’t working. In some cases that we have encountered you are spending thousands on something that isn’t working! Methods such as geo-targeted emails, referral programs, social media and blogging are all completely free and incredibly effective so know that you don’t need to spend money to be a success. If you do want to go ahead though, here are some tips to avoid poor advertising:

✓   Target your advertising based on location, age, interests, gender etc

✓   Carefully monitor any advertising campaign and stop it if it isn’t performing

✓  Be sure that you are using appropriate imagery and designs for maximum effectiveness

✓   Split your budget and test different advertising campaigns and strategies

✓   Experiment with targeted social media advertising campaigns

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Mistake #3: Having a Mediocre Website

In 2015 one of the essential elements of any CrossFit® marketing strategy is a rock solid website and we mean rock solid! Most CrossFit® box owners have websites but they are poorly designed and do not perform the way that they should because they are missing the essentials. Here are some tips to avoid your website falling into internet obscurity:

✓    Make sure your SEO is up to scratch to ensure that you are showing in online searches

✓    Get professional content written for the core pages of your site

✓    Make sure there are clear CTAs (Call to actions) eg – contact us, subscribe now, book a free trial

✓    Avoid flashy, showy websites that are difficult to navigate

✓    Always have a mobile optimized site so visitors can view from mobile devices

✓    Include a blog and keep it updated with at least one new post per week

Mistake #4: You Don’t Know Your Audience

Just because your website is available for everyone to visit doesn’t mean you want everyone to visit… make sense? If you are a box located in Victoria, Australia do you want visitors from the United Kingdom or France? Well no because they probably won’t make the trip each day! In the same way you don’t want to attract people who will never be interested in CrossFit®. If you aim your content and designs to appeal to everyone then you will end up pleasing nobody so follow these tips to get to know your audience:

✓    Read our blog on how to create user profiles and actually do it!

✓    Look at your current members… they are your audience so replicate them in your targeting

✓    Answer common objections for your target audience in your web text

✓    Network with similar businesses such as health food stores and sports outlets

✓    Find relevant members through related forums and discussion threads online

Mistake #5: Relying on Passing Traffic

Imagine your website is a physical CrossFit® box located in the middle of a field, thousands of kilometers away from everyone else.  Would you expect your box to receive tons of walkins and signups? Well no because it isn’t on a main street and probably nobody even knows it’s there. Ok so now convert that analogy over to your actual website. If you just launch your site and nobody knows it’s there how will you get passing traffic? You won’t! Here are some tips to make sure you are not complacently relying on something that won’t happen:

✓    Advertise the launch of your website… really really hype it up!

✓    Use dedicated landing pages to capture targeted registrations

✓    Promote your website blog on likeminded forums and social sites

✓    Tell your members about it and get them to contribute content and share it with friends

✓    Use appropriate keywords to snatch internet searches to your site (SEO)

✓    Add your website to flyers, business cards, brochures and offline materials

✓    Use social media advertising or google ad words to drive targetted traffic to your website and landing         pages

✓    Write a press release to get yourself in the local paper

Check our Video Blog about FOUR elements of Crossfit Marketing and for more information. For more information on marketing your box, increasing signups and getting noticed contact the team at WodSites

Want to speak with Kody about your website? Schedule a time directly into his calendar for a no obligation website review. SCHEDULE MY CALL

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