5 Inbound Marketing Secrets for Gym Owners

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5 Inbound Marketing Secrets for Gym Owners

Disclaimer: WodSites is not in any way affiliated with the CrossFit brand.

For over a decade inbound marketing has been the best way to do business online. Unlike the old school methods of buying mailing lists, telesales and simply sitting and hoping for leads, inbound marketing is the act of making leads come to you. How do you make leads come to you or more specifically … how do you make new box signups come to you? By aligning your content, web structure and digital strategy you will naturally attract inbound traffic that you can then convert, close, and welcome as new members for your box! Read our 5 Inbound Secrets for CrossFit® and get ready to watch those new members roll in!

Step 1: Create Winning Content

Your content needs to be a winner… this is the first secret of inbound marketing success. Every piece of content you publish from website content through to blog posts, social media updates and newsletters must tick all the right boxes in order to win business. Here are some quick tips to make your content a winner:

✓    Be original  never copy someone else’s content!

✓    Be generous – give what you promised and then some!

✓    Be SEO aware  your content must address the search engine queries of your target audience

✓    Be easy  write engaging, light and interesting content that captures attention

✓    Be consistent  Remember the voice of your brand and its values and echo these in everything you do

Step 2: Capture Visitor Information

Your CrossFit® website must have the ability to capture information otherwise it is nothing more than an online museum! There are many features that a good website will include in order to capture that precious visitor information and here are some of the best ones:

✓    Contact form  make sure it’s easy and working!

✓    Subscribe form  once visitors have subscribed to your newsletters they can be converted.

✓    Lead Magnets – Lead magnets are a piece of content you give away such as an eBook, checklist, video series, webinar in exchange for someone’s contact details.

✓    Landing Pages – use complementary landing pages to target specific groups and convert them to box members.

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Step 3: A Great Lead Nurturing Strategy

Getting leads is all well and good but if you don’t nurture them then it is highly unlikely that they will ever become members and all your efforts will have been wasted. Everything you do must gear your leads up to become members of your box and you will do this with a steady drip drip of tailored information. In the case of a free trial signup, your lead nurturing process could look like this:

  1. Immediately send a thank you email to your lead with details of the free trial that they have signed up to.
  2. The same day call your new lead, ask about their fitness goals, record the answer, and remind them that you’ll see them at the first free class in one week.
  3. 2 days later send them an email with a link to your latest video, blog post or case study
  4. 1 day before the class you will send them an email reminding them that you will see them the following day and send them a link to fill out your online
  5. At the free trial, you’ll run them through a warmup, a workout, an introduction to the other coaches and information regarding your membership options before giving them the option to sign up
  6. The day after their trial send an email thanking them for coming in for their free trial and asking if they have any questions and finally,
  7. Schedule a follow up phone call a few days later to see how they found the free trial and to see if they thought your Box was a good fit for their fitness goals. From here you will know how to progress with this lead.

Right about now you are probably thinking that that sounds like a huge amount of work. But it’s really not. Most of this (aside from running the free trial and making the phone calls) can be completely automated using a client relations management system (CRM) such as Ontraport, Infusionsoft or Mailchimp. (Personally we use Ontraport) It works like this: when someone signs up for a free trial through a form on your website your CRM takes these contact details and adds them to your FREE Trial Sequence. In the sequence you can schedule the emails and phone call tasks as we have described above them above based on the class time they signed up to for their free trial. All you need to do is record in your CRM those who didn’t attend the class so they don’t receive any incorrect emails. See the diagram below of an example of how this would look:

Remember that lead nurturing also applies to existing members… after all you don’t want them to go elsewhere do you? Send them newsletters, invites to events, include them on social media and welcome their friends and family. Check on their progress and offer motivational incentives for when they hit their goals. This is all lead nurturing and is an important part of brand loyalty.

Want to speak with Kody about your website? Schedule a time directly into his calendar for a no obligation website review. SCHEDULE MY CALL

Step 4: Utilise Cross Marketing

This stage is very simple in concept, and crucial to getting inbound marketing right. Cross marketing means using platforms other than your website to drive clients back to your landing page content or website signup. Examples might include:

✓    Facebook Photos including a description and link to your landing page.

✓    YouTube Videos linking back to your website or specific landing page.

✓    Guest Articles – including a backlink taking the visitor to your website or specific landing page.

The key ingredient here is consistency because your visitor should never be surprised about where they end up. The overall tone, content, design and feel should be the same to ensure maximum conversion success. Avoid click baiting titles such as “Free $100” or “Membership Cashback” which will ultimately bring visitors to the page and then see them bouncing out fast without signing up!

Step 5: Experiment With Remarketing

Remarketing is now a valuable inbound marketing tool. Basically remarketing is the process of retargeting previous website visitors or those who may have once emailed you or downloaded a free ebook but never progressed further.You know they are interested but just never quite made it to being box members for whatever reason so they need a little push! Remarketing works in many different ways but essentially involves adding an easy tracking pixel code to your website in order to respond to your prospects future movements.

FOR EXAMPLE – if someone has downloaded your eBook and has visited your pricing page more than twice in the last week then send them a special one time offer to tempt them further or schedule a phone call.

Once again, all of this can be done with a good CRM such as Ontraport. Remarketing also works on social media sites such as Facebook where you can feed your email database into the site and target it through Facebook advertising! One step further, Facebook also allows for lookalike targeting meaning it will target your list and any similar Facebook users who may fit your needs. You may only have a mailing list of 500 prospects but with lookalike targeting you could reach them and 5,000 more! Another remarketing trick is to include tracking cookies on your opt in form so that your tailored ads appear whenever your prospect is online.

The clever thing about remarketing is that most prospects will not know they are being sold to… they will simply view a reminder of something they were going to do anyway! We hope that you enjoyed our 5 Inbound Marketing Secrets for CrossFit Box Owners, If you want to know more about Creating a Winning content read our blog about content marketing for more hints and tips Contact WodsiteS.

Want to speak with Kody about your website? Schedule a time directly into his calendar for a no obligation website review. SCHEDULE MY CALL

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