5 Killer Marketing Strategies For Gyms

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5 Killer Marketing Strategies For Gyms

CrossFit is a cut throat business there’s no two ways about it but the good news is that it’s here to stay. CrossFit has proved that it isn’t a fad and its followers are growing by sensational numbers each year. Box owners who take a smart approach to their marketing know that there is money to be made but only if you have the right strategy. At Wodsites Australia we understand CrossFit marketing and we are going to tell you 5 Killer CrossFit Marketing Strategies that you should implement… like right now!

Killer Strategy 1: Know Your Brand

Yes yes you know the name of your box and the services you offer but do you really know your brand? Every box is different; some are focused on improving overall health whilst others are specializing in training advanced athletes. Some boxes are crazy about competitions whilst others just like to have fun or get involved in charity events. There is no right or wrong box identity but each one is different and you need to know where yours fits into the CrossFit world.

Why is all this important you may ask… right? Well if you don’t know who you are then how will you know who to target? The best marketing campaigns are targeted to a specific niche, for example newbies who have never exercised before. If you were to target this demographic with super ripped body images and hardcore workouts then it’s unlikely they will want to sign up. Knowing your brand is the first killer crossfit strategy. Once you understand your box and what it stands for, you will be able to develop your online identity. The way you write, the images you use, the campaigns you run will all build a consistent picture of who you are.

TIP- Create a document mapping your box and its core values – this will make it much easier to begin your marketing efforts later.

Killer Strategy 2: Turn Members into Ambassadors

Surely customer service doesn’t come into the realm of attracting new box members does it? YES it definitely does! Digital marketing goes hand in hand with good old fashioned customer service because your existing members can be your top ambassadors if you empower them to be. Build a strong community within your box through personal interaction, events, happy hours and incentives. Make sure your members glow with happiness after each visit so that they can’t wait to bring their friends and tell everyone about it on social media.

TIP- Implement a ‘refer a friend’ scheme at your box. For every friend your members refer they get a discount/free product from your shop/smoothie voucher etc.

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Killer Strategy 3: Start Cross Marketing Your Box

Nope not CrossFit marketing but cross marketing. What does that mean? Well it means that you identify businesses which compliment yours without being in direct competition with you. A good example of this might be your local coffee shop, sportswear store, college, beauty salon or hairdressers. Your potential clients go there for another service but they could be tempted to come to you as well! Get to know your local businesses and think about ways that you could work together… perhaps with a joint deal?

Spent $10 on coffee and get a free training session. When we say work together we mean it. This is a two way street so there has to be something in it for the other business too.

TIP- Think of some possible cross marketing strategies and then invite your neighbours out for a drink to discuss them. We are sure they will be psyched too!

Killer Strategy 4: Use Social Media Influencers

You already know that there are a ton of ways to get new members on social media whilst also motivating your existing ones right? Well, if not you should read Wodsite’s article 10 Social Media Tips For Box Owners. What we are talking about here is identifying and utilizing influencers on social media. So who would be a good influencer? Your existing clients can be the most awesome influencers ever and people will listen to them because they have tried it firsthand. Encourage them to write reviews or testimonials, checkin at your box on their social pages and post workout selfies.

  1. CrossFit gurus have hundreds of thousands of followers. Connect with them and see if you can build up some mutual interaction on Facebook or Twitter. Read our helpful blog piece on who to follow CrossFit Legends and be sure to remember the two way street rule!
  2. Local businesses can be great for social media interaction so be sure to follow them. If your local sportswear shop is running a promotion why not share it on your page and tag them? They will be sure to return the favour for you on your next promotion.

TIP- Don’t be selfish with your online influencers… remember they are promoting their own brand or product as well.

Killer Strategy 5: Invest in a Good Website

Did you know that 81% of Australians research online before they make a purchase? If your website is buried on page 10 of Google then it might as well not exist so now’s the time to invest in a good one. A good website means it’s mobile optimized, fast loading, has a fresh modern design and killer content to maximize SEO (search engine optimization) and engagement. At Wodsites we specialize in websites for the CrossFit industry and can tell you that an awesome website makes a huge difference to your profits. Once you have your killer website then you can look at campaign landing pages to really reel in those new members.

TIP- Take a long hard look at your website. How many enquiries are you getting from it each week? Speak to our team for a free website audit and consultation… you have nothing to lose!

With Wodsites Australia you get more from your digital marketing. More enquiries, more members, more profits. Contact our team now to learn more.

Photography Supplied By reannajanephotography.com.au

Want to speak with Kody about your website? Schedule a time directly into his calendar for a no obligation website review. SCHEDULE MY CALL

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