8 Christmas Marketing Tips For Your Gym

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8 Christmas Marketing Tips For Your Gym

We know that Christmas 2016 is on your minds. Like us your thoughts are probably turning to gifts, food and of course holidays. But wait… Don’t forget your marketing! Here are 8 Christmas Marketing Tips for box owners and affiliates … no Christmas pudding until you’ve done at least 3 of them!


Write them now and schedule them to go out over Christmas… this is the time when your blogging can have the most impact so don’t miss your chance. With target clients at home and starting to think about New Year’s Resolutions you can really pull in new members with the right posts. Christmas is the time of year everyone eats to much and decides to get fit in the new year. Take advantage of this and help people to make their new years resolutions stick (for at least once in their life!!)


Christmas is the time of year where people are looking to spend money on gifts. Offering gift vouchers, merchandise, supplements, grips, ropes etc. ensure that your members and their families have the opportunity to spend their money with you.


Christmas is a really great time for social media because people are on holidays and have more time to browse newsfeeds and engage in special offers and social contests. Post holiday recipes, holiday home WOD’s, mobility homework, fitness tips and of course special offers. With everything, make sure you add a festive spin to remain in tune with your audience.


Not updated your social covers yet? Bah Humbug shame on you! Get your box trainers or members into those Christmassy Santa hats for an awesome cover image. If you can’t do that then at least do the cliche thing and add a Christmas hat on your logo or something!


Christmas is a great time to send out an email to your clients and potential clients. Thank them for a great year, wish them a merry Christmas and tell them about the events and offers you have coming up for the new year. As I said, it’s the time of year for resolutions and often the best opportunity we have to get people to take action on these desires. Your email might be just the thing they needed to take action. Be sure to keep your tone friendly and add share buttons to your text.


Retargeting is a great way to pull in more business over Christmas and with many options available via social media platforms (Facebook retargeting and lookalikes) and Google Adwords you can easily run a quick campaign. Don’t stop any ad campaigns over Christmas because this is often the most successful time of year to gain new members!


Have you scheduled your social updates and posts for the festive period? If, like us, you plan to spend Christmas with your family then you need to make sure your updates and wishes will still go out. Use Hootsuite or a similar scheduling tool to make sure it’s business as usual throughout the holidays.

8. REFLECT ON 2016

Take time out to reflect on your year. What have been your achievements and what have been your areas for improvement? By analyzing campaigns you will be able to create a solid marketing plan for 2017.

The team at WodSites would like to wish you, your families and your clients a very Merry Christmas! Check out our Marketing Ideas for Gym Owners, We look forward to helping you with your marketing strategy in 2017.

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