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Attention Gym Owners

Stop Letting Your Business Consume Your Life

When all this started, you just wanted to build a business around what you loved doing: training and helping other people get fitter, stronger, and healthier.

As time went by, though, the whole thing became less about your passion and more about simply trying to keep up with everything that goes into keeping your gym’s doors open.

You’re now working longer hours than you’re happy with. You don’t even get as much time to train and coach your members anymore. And to make matters worse, your business is now starting to take time away from your family too.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could go back to the time when the whole thing was just about the workouts?

Well, that’s exactly what Affiliate Systems 2.0 allows you to do.

It’s got everything you need to easily streamline your business processes, automate repetitive tasks, market your gym, and manage your team and members so you can make more money working less.

Ready to grow your gym?

What’s Inside Affiliate Systems 2.0

Everything You Need To Grow A Wildly Successful Gym

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Business Basics

Define a clear culture, vision, and direction for your gym to make it easier for your team to provide top-notch service to all your members every single time.

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Make your day-to-day operations a breeze with simple yet super effective systems. It doesn’t matter if it’s handling member sign-ups or running events, Affiliate Systems 2.0 has got you covered.

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Improve how your team respond to enquiries and turn more of your leads into paying members with Affiliate Systems 2.0’s done-for-you enquiry scripts and automated inquiry and follow up sequences.

Intro Classes

Wow prospective members with how fun, safe, and professional your gym is. Get prospects in for their first session and turn trial classes into ongoing memberships with ease. We’ve got the lesson plans and coaching systems you need to make it happen.

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Elements Course

Effortlessly onboard new members with a professional Elements Course. Establish culture, set expectations and standards, and create community all while teaching the fundamentals of CrossFit.

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Manage all your memberships without breaking a sweat. Sign new members. Hold or cancel accounts. Affiliate Systems 2.0 has the documented processes you need to do them all quickly and easily.


Build an elite team of coaches effortlessly with Affiliate Systems 2.0’s battle tested hiring and coach management systems including coach development, hiring, rostering, lesson plans, weekly coaches briefs and much more.


Use Affiliate Systems 2.0’s powerful systems to turn every member into a long-term client by consistently creating positive customer experiences and catching at-risk members before they go out the door.


Stop chasing after clients. Use Affiliate Systems 2.0’s super powerful yet easy-to-use marketing strategies and systems and easily send a steady stream of qualified prospects right to your gym. 

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Customizable Business Systems


Training Videos


Business Flowcharts


Editable Document Templates

Without Systems Your Gym Will Plateau

You Can’t Grow Your Gym On Your Own

When you first started your affiliate, you handled everything yourself and things were manageable. But as your membership grew, so did the demand on your time and effort. Suddenly you’re working longer hours with less freedom. People started falling through the cracks, enquiries slipped past and members weren’t being followed up as they should.

You feel like you can’t leave the gym to go away on a holiday because everything relies on you.  There’s always something that requires your immediate attention, and it’s beginning to feel like you’re just trying to stay afloat instead of actually moving forward.

You’re gym’s not delivering the quality of service that you want and you know what needs to be done, but you simply don’t have the time to write the systems to fix the problems.

The good news is things don’t have to be this way.

Let Systems Do The Work For You

Make Growing Your Gym A Breeze

The best thing about the day-to-day tasks required to run a gym is that most of them are recurring, and when a task is recurring, it can be systematised. Translation: you don’t have to do any of them yourself.

Generating leads? There’s a system for that. Signing new members? There’s one for that too. In fact, there’s a system for virtually all the recurring tasks that are currently taking up most of your day, including:

Responding to client enquiries

Hiring and training coaches

Organising and running events


Member retention

And all sorts of administrative tasks

How much time do you think you’ll save if you didn’t have to do all these manually? And how much faster do you think your gym will grow if you’re able to sign new members in your sleep?

It’s Time For a Proven and Practical Solution

See What Affiliate Systems 2.0 Can Do For You

Save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars with our battle-tested systems designed to help you run and grow your gym effortlessly. Affiliate Systems 2.0 is the exact same solution used by over 1,100 successful gym owners across 26 countries to get more out of their business without spending more time running it.

Payment plans available.

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Brand-Friendly Customisation

Let your gym’s branding shine through with a fully customized Affiliate Systems 2.0 intranet. We’ll fit out your platform with your logo, colours and images.

Comprehensive Training

Don’t waste time figuring things out yourself. Learn everything you need to start implementing using our comprehensive yet beginner-friendly videos, flowcharts and document templates.

Top-Notch Accessibility

Use Affiliate Systems 2.0 whenever and wherever you want. We designed the platform to look and work great on both desktop and mobile devices so your team can get the process right wherever they are.

Editable Templates

Make Affiliate Systems 2.0 work for you. Easily customise each built-in system or add your own as the needs of your business evolve over time.

Multi-Gym Management

Say goodbye to the headache of running multiple locations. Use a single platform to create scalable and repeatable systems across all your facilities.

Flexible Payment Plans

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or on your way to opening your 10th location, we have included a payment plan to make these systems affordable even for small gyms.

Easy-to-Grasp Systems

Pick everything up quickly with the simple colour-coded flowcharts, professional videos and in-depth explanations that each of our systems come with.

A Years Worth Of Updates

Stay ahead of the game. Get instant access to any new systems and procedures we roll out over the next 12 months for the low, low price of free.

Payment plans available.

No Ongoing Costs Ever

Get Your Gym Systematised Without Breaking The Bank

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  • 73 Customisable Systems
  • 75 Training Videos
  • 32 Flowcharts
  • 62 Customisable Document Templates
  • 12 Months Free Platform Support
  • 12 Months Access To Updated/New Systems
  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

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