The 3 Biggest Mistakes Gym Owners Make in December (and How to Avoid Them)

Too many gym owners have crap sales months in December and throw away all their momentum as they head into the new year. Not only that, often they put themselves at risk of losing the clients they have by making some small but critical mistakes over the Christmas and New Year holiday period.

Afte the year we have just had in 2020, don’t let this be your story. In this 40 minute session Kody will cover the biggest mistakes gym owners make in December and how to avoid them. You will learn how to make sure you keep attracting new clients (even leading up to Christmas), how to keep the clients you have over the Christmas and New Years break (even though you take some time to rest yourself) and how to come back strong in January and have your biggest sales quarter ever.

Kody Thompson

CEO - Sites At Scale

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