How To Remove The Background From Your Gym Photos With Zero Photoshop Skills

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How To Remove The Background From Your Gym Photos With Zero Photoshop Skills

If you’ve ever done marketing for your gym—which you should start doing if you haven’t already—then you probably already know just how useful photos with transparent backgrounds are.

The ability to use the exact same image with any background you could think of gives you a level of flexibility that taking photos in different locations and situations ahead of time just couldn’t match.

The problem is that removing the background from your photos requires you to either know how to use Photoshop or have the cash to hire a professional graphic artist to do it for you. 

At least that’s how it used to be.

Enter: removebg

These days, you can just go to this handy little website called removebg, which, as its name suggests, is a tool you can use to remove the background from your photos. It uses AI to instantly give any photo you upload a transparent background. Here’s how to use it…

Step 1: Upload Your Photo

To begin, simply click on the Upload Image button then choose the photo from your computer or smart device that you want to remove the background of.

That’s it!

While higher-resolution photos with more uniform backgrounds would be easier for the tool to work on, you can upload virtually any image you want.

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Step 2: Edit (Optional)

If you’re not completely happy with how the processed photo looks, all you have to do to fix it is click on the Edit button. This will open the tool’s editing panel, which allows you to:

  1. Restore parts of the original photo that the tool mistakenly removed
  2. Erase parts of the original photo that the tool mistakenly left in
  3. Bring the entire background back in and then choose how much to blur it out
  4. Replace the transparent background with a coloured one
  5. Replace the transparent background with another photo

The best part about all this is that you can do all these things even if you have never used Photoshop before.

Step 3: Download

Once you’re happy with how the project looks, you can download it to your computer or smart device by clicking on the Download button.

The smaller preview image is free to download, but if you want to get the full resolution, you’ll have to sign up for a plan, which is super reasonably priced, considering you can do 40 images per month for only $9. That’s just $0.23 per image!

And if you buy more credits at once, the cost of each image could go as low as $0.14.

How much would you have to pay an actual designer per month to do that much work for you? Even the people on fiverr charge $0.33 per image on average, and you they make you wait at least a day to get the edited photos back.

To learn more about removebg’s pricing, visit this page

Get More Out of Your Gym Photos With removebg!

Forget doing multi-location and multi-set-up shoots. Just shoot all your photos in one place, remove their background using removebg, and use them on your gym website or in posters, flyers, YouTube videos, or anything else you could think of

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