[Video] Help! I’m Spending THOUSANDS of Dollars on Marketing and It’s NOT Working

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The question I want to answer today is this, “How come I’m spending so much money on my marketing and it’s not working?” One of the biggest mistakes that I see affiliates making is they simply don’t have an effective strategy for marketing their CrossFit gym; they don’t really know if the money they’re spending is working or not.

When I’m looking at any marketing strategy, I’m looking at FOUR elements, in this order:

  4. MEDIUM.

The problem is most gyms look at their CrossFit marketing the wrong way around. Let me give you an example; a lot of businesses come to me and the first thing they say to me is, “I want a flyer” or “I want a Facebook campaign”. They’re making the mistake of looking at the MEDIUM before determining the results they want, the audience they intend to address and the message they want to send. I often hear, “I don’t really know what message I wanna put on it. Just put whatever text you want about this event or this product we’ve got coming up.” When I ask “Who’s it going out to?” they just say “We’re just going to letterbox drop it everyone.” They haven’t really thought about the AUDIENCE or MESSAGE and the last thing is they haven’t really thought about the RESULT they want. They have no clear way to measure any result.

When I’m looking at any marketing strategy, I’m looking at four elements in this order; the first is RESULTS, the second element is AUDIENCE, the third is MESSAGE, and the last is MEDIUM.

A lot of CrossFit gyms spend tons of money on advertising campaigns and will never know if it actually generated any money for them or not. A classic example is when gyms blast out a Facebook ad without narrowing down a target audience or coming up with a relevant message. You’re sitting at home on the East Coast getting sponsored posts about gyms on the opposite side of the country. This isn’t helping them win conversions, they’re losing money on irrelevant advertising and they aren’t reaching the people they need. When you’re looking at CrossFit marketing ideas, make sure you start with RESULTS, then the AUDIENCE, then the MESSAGE and then the MEDIUM. Figure out what results you want, what audience you’re trying to target, what message is going to attract that audience and then what medium is the best way to reach that chosen audience with your message. I hope that helps! If I can help in any way, feel free to shoot a comment below. I’d love to hear from you, and also check our 5 Easy Ways To Tell If Your CrossFit Website Is Good. For more information on marketing your box, increasing signups and getting noticed contact the team at WodSites.

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